MAP-ECU 3 Drivers

USB Driver Information for MAP-ECU3 Users


For those in need of USB drivers for the MAP-ECU3, the most reliable source is directly from the manufacturer of the USB interface chip, FTDI. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, follow these steps:

  1. FTDI Driver Download:
    • Visit the FTDI VCP Drivers Page.
    • Download the latest Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers.
    • Choose the VCP option during setup to enable COM mode for enhanced performance.
  2. Pre-Installation:
    • Disconnect from the internet to prevent Windows from automatically updating or installing default drivers.
  3. Install MAP-CAL3 Software:
    • Install the MAP-CAL3 software before connecting the MAP-ECU3 to your computer.
  4. Device Connection and Configuration:
    • Connect the MAP-ECU3 device.
    • Open Device Manager, find the device, and manually update the driver.
    • Select the FTDI driver from the list.
  5. Parameter Settings and Verification:
    • Confirm all driver parameters and settings are correctly adjusted for optimal performance.
    • Finish the driver installation.
    • Run MAP-CAL3 software to ensure the device is functioning properly.

For troubleshooting support, refer to the FTDI website, troubleshooting step-by-step below, or the MAP-ECU Community Forums.

Driver Troubleshooting Step-By-Step

When you first plug the MAP-ECU3 into a computer, a driver install window like this should be available. Select to manually browse for the driver:

Select the appropriate driver as downloaded from FTDI. This should result in a confirmation that the drive was installed correctly:

Next, navigate to the system’s hardware manager and identify MAP-ECU3 in the tree and select properties. Under ‘Advanced’ select ‘Load VCP’:

The device should now appear as a COM port in the device manager tree. Select ‘Properties – Advanced Settings’:

Make sure the parameters on the image above match your settings to ensure proper operation.

  • Receive (Bytes): 1024
  • Transmit (Bytes): 1024
  • Latency Timer (msec): 2

Run MAP-CAL3 and press the “Connect” button. If an error message appears, the USB driver has not been correctly installed or there is a problem with the unit.