MAP-CAL3 Software

MAP-CAL3 Software: Overview and Specifications

MAP-CAL3 is a proprietary software tool designed by Performance Motor Research Ltd specifically for tuning and configuring the MAP-ECU 3, a piggyback Engine Control Unit (ECU) used in automotive applications. Developed to operate on Microsoft™ Windows™ platforms, MAPCAL3 facilitates real-time tuning, allowing users to adjust and optimize various engine parameters to enhance vehicle performance.

While MAP-CAL3 and the MAP-ECU 3 hardware are considered abandonware at this time, the community of users continues to value and utilize this software for its comprehensive tuning capabilities. Enthusiasts and professionals alike maintain the legacy of MAP-CAL3 through shared knowledge and peer support.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Tuning and Configuration: Enables users to adjust MAP-ECU 3 settings on the fly, providing immediate feedback and adjustments to the vehicle’s performance.
  • Dashboard Interface: Offers a real-time dashboard that displays critical engine information, allowing users to monitor their vehicle’s performance metrics during the tuning process.
  • 2D and 3D Tuning: Supports both 2D and 3D tuning views for fuel, ignition timing, O2/AFR (Oxygen Sensor/Air-Fuel Ratio) Adjust, and Additional Injectors, providing a comprehensive and intuitive tuning experience.
  • Zone Update Capability in 2D Mode: Allows real-time update of any number of zones in 2D mode, giving tuners precise control over the tuning process.
  • Primary and Secondary Table Access: Users can access both Primary and Secondary tables within the software, offering a versatile platform for tuning different aspects of engine performance.
  • Data Logging: Logs all vital engine data for review, enabling users to analyze performance metrics and make informed tuning decisions.
  • Table Saving Function: Provides the option to save tuned MAP-ECU 3 tables, ensuring that optimal configurations can be preserved and reused.

Compatibility and Connectivity:

  • Operating System Support: Compatible with Windows™ XP, Vista, and Windows™ 7, ensuring a broad user base can access and utilize the software.
  • USB and WiFi Connectivity: Supports connection to the MAP-ECU 3 unit via USB or WiFi, facilitating convenient and flexible tuning setups.

Legacy Support:

  • Latest Version: The latest version of MAP-CAL3 released was 3.5.1 in 2016. Official updates have ceased, but the last version remains a stable tool for tuning MAP-ECU 3 units.
  • Community Support: In the absence of official updates and support, users may turn to the MAP-ECU Community Forums or alternative user groups for assistance and to share resources such as base tables and tuning tips.

Software Enhancements in V3.5.1:

  1. Flex Fuel Ethanol Support:
    • Introduced native support for GM Flex Fuel Sensor, enabling the software to read ethanol contents ranging from 0% to 100% (KVF Input).
    • Added 2D Compensation tables for Fuel, Ignition Timing, and Auxiliary Injector Output based on Ethanol content.
    • Integrated 2D Ethanol fuel temperature compensation tables for Fuel and Ignition Timing, requiring an optional adapter for collecting fuel temperature data.
  2. Comprehensive Compensation Overhaul:
    • A complete revamp of fuel, barometric pressure, and coolant temperature compensations to enhance the tuning precision.
    • New 2D IAT Fuel and Ignition Timing compensation tables.
    • Newly added 2D Barometric Fuel compensation tables.
    • Introduced 2D Coolant Temperature (CLT) cold start compensation tables.
  3. New Features:
    • Separated RPM Limiter function from Launch Control for more precise engine speed control.
    • Boost Cut function now utilizes the Launch Control mechanism to cut ignition and limit boost effectively.
    • Optimized Launch Control to only retard ignition timing upon reaching the target RPM.
    • Added Launch Control Anti-Lag solenoid output function for improved performance.
    • Included inputs for Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Coolant Temperature (CLT) for comprehensive logging capabilities.
    • Enabled configurability for table access, allowing users to selectively enable or disable specific tables, thereby enhancing the connection speed and tuning efficiency.
  4. User Experience and Usability Improvements:
    • Streamlined USB Driver installation and uninstallation processes, making the setup procedure more user-friendly.
    • Addressed and fixed various bugs to improve software stability and performance. This includes better importing of Flex Fuel iMAPCAL log files, enhanced handling of older MAPECU .tbl files, correct setting of Clamp% to 100%, proper adjustment of ignition mode and pressure scale, and resolution of Fuel zone display bug in logs.